A traveling buisnessman
Posted by FLYNHGHR on November 27, 1996 at 22:16:33:

A buisnessman was driving down an old country road when his car broke
down. "No problem" he said, "I'll just walk to this nearby farmhouse."
When he finally arrives there he walks up to the house, upon walking he sees
a pin full of chickens and loses track of what he was going to do. When the farmer answers
the door, feeling stupid, the buisnessman asks the farmer
if he can by a chicken. "Sure" says the farmer, "just one thing, around here we call them
cocks" "OK i'll take a cock" says the man. Finallly remembering what he was supposed to do
he starts walking to another farmhouse. On the way there he sees a pin
of roosters, losing track of what he was doing again, he asks the farmer to
buy a rooster. "sure thing but aroung here we call them pullits", then the
man walks away with his cock and pullit in hand when he remembers what he set out to do.

Walking up to the third house he sees a pin of donkeys,
again, he loses track and asks the farmer if he can buy a donkey.
"You bet" says the farmer, "just one thing, around here we call 'em asses but be careful they
are really stubborn and if they stop and sit down you have to scratch their heads"
again the man agrees and walks with his animals when he realizes what he was out to do when the donkey sits
down in the middle of the road. A red convertible with a hot lady in it pulls up while the man is trying to move the donkey.
"Please can I get through?" asks the lady.
"yeah yeah yeah" the buisnessman says "just hold my cock and pullit while i scratch my ass"

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