What's this?
Posted by Tunga on December 04, 1997 at 08:46:59:

President Clinton has a fairly short one. Eisenhover had a long one. Many people say
the former president Bush's one is even shorter (than Clinton's). A former Prime Minister
of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) Mr. Bandaranaike (1956-1959) was believed to have the longest one
among the leaders of a country. However, there is no actual proof to this fact because no
body have ever done a thourough research on this.

It was well-known that the first prime minister of india Mr. Neru had a very short one that
some belive it to be as short as Bush's.

There are many people that theirs are brown and some has it black. Some has it white,
some has very beautiful ones and some has not so beautiful ones. The owner of this thinks
that his is the most beatuful, elegant and important one in the whole world. Almost every
man is proud of his one.

Ladies normally use husband's one after marriage. Still there are many many ladies that
use something other than the husband's one even after marriage. In some scandinavian
countries, it is quite common for married woman to use a one different with the husband's.
Yet, in some countries ladies, after marriage, use husband's one grudgingly because it is
illegal to use anything other than the husband's one.

Nowadays, it has become a fashion that ladies attach the husbands one to the one they are
already using so that the entire thing becomes very very long. I think that is how those ladies
prefer it.

Yes, you guessed it correctly. The answer is 'the Family Name (or Surname)'.

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