Land of Copper Sand
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The Island of Copper Sand is a great country. It once had a government so loved by
people, that it governed the country for 17 years until the society became a
Dharmista Samajaya (a just society).

The Minister for Land , Land Development and Great-Sand was a very honest person
named "Village-Leader District-Leader". These Copper-Sandinians used to have
very peculiar names such as "Vitory-Improver", "Love-Slave", "Treasury-Leader",
"Inner-Muddlier" etc. etc.

Once a minister from an African country paid an official visit to Cooper Sand. This
minister, being the minister for Construction and Land Development in his country
was very much interested in visiting the Great-Sand Project that consisted of
several vast dams in various places of the island. The funds for those gigantic
projects were provided by the Bank de Globe.

So, obviously the Copper Sand counterpart, "Village-Leader" became his escort, and
took him to various construction sites and explained the benifits those dams will yield
to the islanders.

The African minister was very impressed of the works going on. But after the hectic
tour around the hill country he was real tired. Then "Village-Leader" proposed that
they have a rest at his humble cottage which happened to be near one of the
construction sites.

If the visiting minister was impressed with the construction works he saw, now he was
doubly impressed with the beauty and the vastness of the humble cottage of "Village-
Leader". Even the king of his country did not have a palace as big as this humble
cottage. He, being also a minister of a third world country, guessed that "Village-Leader"
is definitely not getting a salary big enough to construct a cottage of this size.

"I say, Villa, what is your secret of becoming a wealthy person like this?"

"Oh!, just ten percent" came the answer.

Months passed after the visit of the African minister. One day, our "Village-Leader"
received an invitation to visit that African country as a return of courtesy.

He was welcomed at the air port by his friend the minister of Construction and Land
Developement, and escorted to a private jet belonged to that minister. The country
is a landlocked one near the Sahara desert. They landed at a private airport, of course
owned by that minister.

Before starting the tour, the delegates were invited to a banquet at the minister's
private residence. Now it was our man's turn to be impressed. The residence was so
big and luxurious that even the toilet is bigger and more elegant than his humble

Village-Leader whispered to the ear of the minister while enjoying the delicious feast.
"I say friend. now tell me. What is your secret?"
"Come with me I will tell you" he led Village-Leader to the window,
"Can you see that dam over there?" "Village-Leader looked out the window. All he sees is
only the vast expanse of the desert.
"No, I don't see any dam."
"OK, then can you see the other dam from the west window?"
Again he sees only the desert. "No, I can't see a thing."
"Then can you see that 2-mile long dam from the North window?"
Seeing no dam, Village-Leader gets a bit angry,
"Damn with your dams, are you going to tell me the secret or not?"
"Cool cool Villa, so you don't see any dams. That's MY SECRET."

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