Another Premadasa Joke
Posted by Politikka on November 28, 1997 at 04:15:37:

Moraj Desai, the then Indian prime minister visited Sri lanka and was invited to
have dinner with the then prime minister Premadasa.

After Indian PM arrived in the Temple Trees (prime minister's residence) they
exchanged greetings and was escorted to the visiting room.

"How about a sip of your favourite drink?" asked Prem from the visiting PM.
"I will be most grateful to you Prem."

So, Prem went inside and peed in to a big beer mug. He brought the foaming
liquid and offered to the Indian PM.

"Thanks a lot Prem" said the Indian PM and gulped down the drink with two

"Aah, what a refreshing taste."

"Do you like to have some more?"

"Yes, if you don't mind"

So, Prem went inside again and tried produce another mug full of the drink, but
unfortunately he could produce a single drop. He asked his dear wife Hemavo
to help him out of this difficult situation. Because he can't let the PM of India
go thirsty after a visit to the prime minister's residence. What will happen to
the Indo-Lanka relationship? What if Indian PM told the reporters that he did
not have enough to drink at Sri Lanka PM's residence? They will surely publish
this in the 'Hindu' as the head-line news.

"Don't worry darling. That's why wife's are for." She went to the bathroom and
came with a mug-full of clear light yellow drink brimming with foam. Prem was
so happy, he took the mug with both hands, took it to the visiting room, and
offered to the visiting PM.

"Thousand thanks Prem. I really enjoy this" said the PM while sipping the

"Could you tell the difference between the first mug and the second?" asked

"Of course. the first came from a tap and the second came from a well"

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