A Premadasa Joke (and comments about jokes)
Posted by Politikka on November 28, 1997 at 03:43:43:

The other day Prem was having his usual morning walk along the Galle Face green. When he is walking
near the old parliamentary bulding he heard a voice,
"Oh..i, Premadasa, come here man"

Bit surprized, and at the same time a bit angry he looked around to see who this guy dared to address
the Prime Minister (he was the PM then) by name. Only JR and Hemavo did call him by name. He saw
nobody, because it's still very early in the morning and Galle Face green is almost empty of people. So,
he started his walk again and only after few steps he heard the same voice, loder this time,
"Oh..i, Premadasa, don't you hear me. Come here man."

Puzzled, he looked around and stood agaped when he saw that it was the statue of D.S. calling him.
"Premadasa, you should bring me a horse tomorrow, it's a long time since I had a horse ride."

"Eh. Yeh.. Yes, sir. Eh. I d..d..definitely will." stammered Prem and was hurriedly heading home to
deliver the news of this strange happening to Hemavo.

"Darling, today I happened to witness the stangest thing in my life."
"What's it dear"
"Statue of D.S talked to me when I was walking on the Galle Face."
"D.S's statue talked to you? Huh! I think I know you better after all these 35 years of marriage.
What are you up to this morining?"
"No darling, I am not kidding. You very well know that I have never lied to you all these 35 years.
Why don't you join me tomorrow morning if you don't believe me."

The next morning, both are walking on the Galle Face green and he heard the now familiar voice when
they are in front of the old Parliamentary building again.
"Oho..i, Premadasa",
"See darling, I told you know?". They hurried towards the statue and stood there eagerly listening
to grasp every word coming from the statue.
"Premadasa" started the statue. Prem jabs Hemavo and says "Darling, listen carefully, this is very
important. We will be world famous if we give this news to Reuters starnge phenomina".
"Premadasa" continued the statue. "I told you to bring a horse with you, but you broght me
a 'Gonek'."

Premadasa told this story to JR on the following day, after the cabinet meeting.
"I say,Premadasa, the whole country knows that Hemavo is a Gonek, but don't tell me to belive this
crap about talking statue of D.S."
"Sir, if you join me for a walk tomorrow morning you can see it for yourself. If this is a lie, I promise
you I will not run for the party presidency and let Lalith take it."
"Ok! Ok!!, let's see tomorrow morning."

"Premadasa....." Of course it was the deep voice of D.S coming from the statue.

"What the heck.." JR tried to conceal his surprize. "Sh..sh...shh... Sir, please be silent" says Prem and
both ran towrds the statue with their sarongs half-raised (Redda Bahgeta Ussagena).

"Ohi, Premadasa," thundered the statue, "how many times should I tell you. Yesterday, you brought
me a Gonek, and today you broght me a Booruwek. I need a HORSE you fool."

Comments on "comments on the joke by hifli marikar"

I agree with marikar that we have a good stock of (original?) Sri Lankan jokes. But most of the
jokes (an example is the above one) are better understood and better enjoyed only if told in
Sinhala or Tamil. So if we stick into Sri Lankan jokes only, we side line many non-Sri Lankans
who are enjoying(and submitting to) this page.

A good joke, even if it is published elsewhere never cease to amuse the majority(?) who read it
for the first time. I assumed here that, majority of the acessees of InfoLanka Joke page have
no time to browse the internet looking for jokes.

So, my point is, if you have a GOOD joke then share it with others. After all, only very very few
are really original jokes.

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