crazy nuns!
Posted by A.K. on November 19, 1997 at 04:43:04:

In medieval europe- sometime in the 1300's- there were
monastaries that made wax candles

One monotonous day, a brother monk, as he was in the process of
making his candles, began to feel a bit squeemish as he had
never been with a lady.

So the monk slipped out his pee pee and proceded to masturbate.
Many other monks witnessed what he was doing and began feeling
a tad bit squeemish themselves. Many of the fellow monks also
pulled out their wankers and proceded to giz into the wax.
Before they knew it, candle making became the newest hobby around
the monistary.

Eventually the monks were caught, and were charged with being
heretics by the inquisition- no true believer in God would ever
try to seek earthly pleasures... so all were tortured to death.

Meanwhile, the candles, that were made by the monks in the
nearby monastary, were distributed all over Europe.

It was just around that same time that a terrible plague was
hitting many nunneries accross europe. 2 months later, it
was discovered that 8 out of 10 nuns were pregnant.

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