Princess Di
Posted by BLACKDV8 on October 30, 1997 at 04:42:54:

Queen Elizabeth and Lady Di are out for a drive in the royal car on a
Sunday afternoon, and they slow down when they see a man by the roadside
signaling for help. But no sooner has the car come to a stop than he
springs to the door, pulls out a gun, and orders them both out of the car.

"Queen Elizabeth," he snarls, "hand over that snazzy diamond tiara you're
always wearing."

"I'm terribly sorry, my good man," says the queen, "but I'm afraid I don't
wear it on Sundays."

"Aw, hell," says the guy. "Well listen, Di, hand over that fancy engagement
ring I keep seeing in all the pictures."

"I'm terribly sorry," says Lady Di sweetly, "but I'm afraid I didn't put it
on this morning. It must still be on my night table."

"Aw, shit," growls the guy. "I guess I'll just grab the car." So off
he drives at the wheel of the Bentley, leaving the two women walking down
the road in the direction of London. After a few minutes have passed,
Lady Di asks the queen, "Pardon my curiosity, Your Highness, but I'm quite
sure you had that tiara on this morning, didn't you?"

"Indeed I did," confesses the queen, blushing slightly and pointing. "I hid
it...down there. And you, Diana, weren't you wearing your ring?"

Yes, she had been, says Diana, turning beet red, and she had resorted to the
same hiding place. They walk a few more steps in companionable silence when
Queen Elizabeth lets out a little sigh. "I do wish Princess Margaret had been
with us," she says. "We could have saved the Bentley."

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