Joke about cows and poop
Posted by Nautica 77 on October 25, 1997 at 13:21:45:

When traveling to the moon one day, astronauts discovered
amazing moon crystals. they took all they could find and, when
they got back, they shipped some moon crystals to all major
colleges around...except for Texas A&M. "Hey! We're a major
college! Give us some!" TAMU bitched. After thinking long and
hard the astronauts had a plan. "Well, we can't waste any of this
precious crystal" replied the lead astronaut," and Texas A&M is so
stupid they couldn't tell a moon crystal from a pile of cow shit" So
the astronauts gave Texas A&M a big pile of cow shit. 3 Weeks
later, on CNBC, all major colleges reported their discoveries of the
crystals. When Texas A&M came up they said" We now have
scientific proof that the cow did indeed jump over the moon."

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