the funny Indian jokes
Posted by jumbo on September 23, 1997 at 11:34:02:

Old Indian Trick

A Cowboy riding down the trail encounters an Indian laying on the trail with hard on. The Cowboy
asks "what are you doing?" Indian says" Me tellum time." Cowboy shakes his head, rides on,
encounters another exactly the same. Says "You telling time?" yup" "how can you tell time like that?"
Indian says "workum like sundial, readum shadow". Cowboy, incredulous, rides on. Encounters
Indian in trail masturbating. Cowboy says "let me guess, you're telling time too." Indian says " Nope.
But me windum clock!"

Indian Visits Whore House

An indian walks into a whore house and throws a bag of money on the counter and says, "me
want pussy."

The woman working the counter decides that she wants to have a little fun with him, and tells him
that he must first fuck the big oak tree on the hill.

The indian replies, "me no want tree, me want pussy." "Sorry," the lady replies, "those are the rules."
The indian goes up to the hill and fucks the big oak tree.

The next day the indian returns to the whore house with two bags of money and demands some
pussy. The woman tell him that he must fuck the tree two more times and then he can have all the
pussy he wants. The indian does as she says and returns the next day.

When he returns, the woman tells him to go to room 302 on the third floor. About 5 minutes later,
the woman hears screaming. She runs up to the first floor, nothing. She runs up to the second floor,

She runs up to the third floor and sure enough, the noise is comming from room 302. The woamn
rushes in to see the indian cramming a broom handling up the prostitutes cunt. The woman says,
"What the hell are you doing?1" The indian replies, "Me check for bees!"

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