Women, not a joke but a joke
Posted by Mottapala on September 14, 1997 at 19:07:46:

>>> If you're well dressed, she thinks you're a cassanova,
>>> If you're not, she thinks you're a boor.
>>> If you kiss her, you're not a gentleman,
>>> If you don't, you're not a man.
>>> If you praise her, she thinks you're a liar,
>>> If you don't, you're good for nothing.
>>> If you agree with all her likes, she is abusing,
>>> If you dont, you're not understanding.
>>> If you visit her often, she thinks you're boring,
>>> If you don't, she accuses you of double-crossing.
>>> If you visit another, she accuses you of being a heel,
>>> If she is visited by another, "Oh! It's natural, we're girls."
>>> If you're a minute late, she complains, "It's hard to wait.",
>>> If you come on time, for hours she makes you wait.
>>> If you propose love within a brief acquaintanceship, you're a fresh guy,
>>> If you postpone love later, she wonders why.
>>> If you fail to assist her in crossing a street, you lack ethic,
>>> If you do, she thinks it's one of man's tactics.
>>> If you're jealous, she says it's bad,
>>> If you're not, she doubts your love, and is not glad.
>>> If you attempt romance, she says you don't respect her,
>>> If you don't, she thinks you don't like her.
>>> If you listen, she wants you to talk,
>>> If you talk, she wants you to listen.
>>> If you contradict her, she does not like it,
>>> If you don't, she thinks you're gullible.
>>> "Oh!!! Women!!!"
>>> So simple, yet so complex.
>>> So weak, yet so powerful.

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