Posted by BEEFY on August 28, 1997 at 19:21:18:

One day a lady went to here family doctor and asked him for a medicine for dick growth,because she wanted good sex.The doctor handed her a bottle, and said put one drop before having sex.

The next day she came back and told the doctor that it was good but she wanted better sex,so he replied with give 2 drops.

Again, she came back the next day and said it was exellent but i won't it a little better,so he replied with put 4 drops.

The lady said to herself i'll just put the whole bottle.

After about 10 days the doctor got worried because the lady never came back,so he called her house.

The ladys son picked up the phone and the doctor asked for the boys mom.The boy replied "My moms dead,my sisters pregnantl,my butt hurts, and my moms outside yelling here kitty kitty".

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