THE MOUSE...............................................!
Posted by Tommy on August 17, 1997 at 16:39:22:

The mouse is more like a penis, not only because the mouse is
Pussy-cat's favourite, it is also for the following reasons:

1) Some have it, some don't
2) Those who have it, put far more importance to it than its size
3) They will be devastated if it is ever cut, although the removing
this does not have any serious effect on the main body
4) Younger people use it much more than older ones
5) It doesn't always respond
6) When you want to use it and if it doesen't respond you feel devastated
7) when its unresponsive it needs the right touch to get it working
8) Although the whole thing is moving, only its one end is responsive
(sensitive to the touch)
9) You can play games with it
10) it fits nicely in your right hand.
11) it points to things
12) it controls the operation of larger more important things
13) it can be rolled about
14) it prefers to perform on soft & smooth surfaces. Used against a rough
surface, it doesen't respond and could even be damaged
15) If you press it at a wrong place, it can spoil every thing or destroy
your work
16) It's not its length or size which is more important, it is how you use
17) It is attached to the main body with a flexible attachment
18) If you lift it, you may see ball(s) underneath!

Apart from all that, Nige, you don't need anyone else's consent to use it!
(you can use it all alone too). So, I believe that Mouse is more like a
penis than a clit!

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