Posted by Tommy on August 17, 1997 at 16:32:05:

A guy is standing at a bus stop in the pouring rain with no coat or
umbrella, when a car slides up to the kerb and stops beside him.
Thinking he has just been offered a lift he opens the door and gets in -
relieved to be out of the wet. "Thanks pal I thought I would never......"
he looks across at the driver and there is no-one in the seat.

Next thing the car moves off silently and for the next four miles it stops
at every red light, obeys every traffic law and finally comes to a stop at
the top of the road where the guy lives - he is by now is in a severe state
of shock and anxiety and the only reason he has not jumped from the car
en-route is because it was travelling so slowly that he knew he could get
out at any time if something unearthly happened. Anyway it was going his
way and keeping him dry!

Now it is stopped at the kerb again just up the street from where he lives
and the guy gets out, closes the door and as he turns to head off home he
bumps into another guy who is going to get into the car.
"Hey buddy I would not get in that car if I were you there's something
weird about it"

"Yeah, I know" says the second guy " But I've just pushed it four miles and
I really need the rest".

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