Gorilla Vs. Lion
Posted by Deda on October 20, 1996 at 13:47:39:

Gorilla Vs. Lion

This rather horny young gorilla is walking through the savanna and
spots a large male lion bending over a watering hole. He sneaks up
behind the lion and sticks it to him in the rear. After a few thrusts,
the gorilla turns and begins to run as fast as he can. The lion,
shocked that anyone would dare pull a stunt like this on the king of
the jungle, takes off after the gorilla. The gorilla reaches a village
and runs into a hut, grabbing a large hat and duster, which he quickly
dons. He then seats himself in a lounge in front of the hut and holds
up a large newspaper in front of him, pretending to read. The lion
runs up to the gorilla and roars, "Have you seen a gorilla go by
here?" "You mean the one who fucked the lion up the ass?" asks the
gorilla. "Oh no", moans the lion. "It's in the newspaper already?"

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