UNITED STATES of AMERICA.............!
Posted by Tommy on August 17, 1997 at 16:16:49:

A typical American's lifestyle -

"He drove his German car made of Swedish steel and interior of Argentine
leather to a gasoline station, where he filled up with Arab oil shipped in a
Liberian tanker and bought two French tires, composed of rubber from Sri

"At home, he dropped his Moroccan briefcase, hung up his Scottish tweed coat,
removed his Italian shoes and Egyptian cotton shirt, then donned a Hong Kong
robe and matching slippers from Taiwan."

"More comfortable now, he poured a cup of hot Brazilian coffee into an
English coffee mug, set a Mexican placemat on an Irish linen tablecloth atop
a Danish table varnished with linseed oil from India."

Then he filled his Austrian pipe with Turkish tobacco, lit it, and picked up
a Japanese ball-point pen with which he wrote a letter to his congressman
demanding to know why the United States has an unfavorable balance of trade.

God save the Country !!

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