True story!!
Posted by Tunga on August 13, 1997 at 08:32:25:

This is a true story involving a friend of mine:

Mahesh decided to attend Alexandra College (after repeated attempts
at AL exam failed) to try the AL one last time. However, as in his
school days at St.Thomas, Mt. Lavinia, he was more interested in girls
than studies.

The school rest room (or toilet as we say in Sri Lanka) for boys is
always dirty and stinky because, they say that who pees highest on the
wall is the leader of the gang. So you can imagine the picture at the
toilet at Alexandra.

My friend, Mahesh never goes to the boys toilet and goes to the girls
toilet whenever there is nobody around. He was doing this for quite a
long time until one day, the Rector of the college caught him coming
out of the girls toilet.

"Hey you, come here", said the Rector. "Don't you know that this is
meant for girls?"

To this Mahesh replied, "Yes father I know, but this also (pointing to
his dick) is meant for girls".

It was his last day in the college.

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