Father's Advice
Posted by Makuna on October 20, 1996 at 13:44:06:

Nearing his wedding night, the slow witted & virgin groom
approaches his father for help. "Dad, what am I to do. Soon my wife
and I have to go to bed but I don't know what to do!"

The father replies, "Don't worry son. Do you see what our dogs do?
Just do what they do and you'll be okay."

Early next morning, the new bride wakes up her father-in-law,
crying, "I'm going to divorce your son! He is CRAZY!"

"Why? What happened?" asks the father.

"All night he does nothing but sniff my ass and pee on the

"That's OK honey. No problem. I hope you have a good time. See
you later". Then she puts down the receiver. "Who was that?",
asks the man lying besides her in bed. "My husband", she replies.
"What did he want?". "Nothing, he said he would be home late
today. He's somewhere shooting pool with you and some other

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