Italian Makes good in America
Posted by Upul on July 31, 1997 at 19:36:13:

Luigi comes to America and succeeds in becoming a millionaire. One
day Luigi says to himself:"Luigi,you;re an intelligent boy, you make a
million in America, now you are gonna make one woman happy."So he has his
picture taken in the nude, in the buff, naked.

When he views the proofs, he exclaims,"Luigi, you're an intelligent boy
who make a million in America, I'm gonna make two women happy. "He cuts
the picture in half. "I'm gonna send the top half to my Mamma, and the
bottom half to my girlfriend.

In addressing and sealing the envelopes he gets the pictures mixed;
the top half goes to his girlfriend, the bottom half to his ageing

His girlfriend receives her letter and exclaims while gazing at her half
of the picture "That's my Luigi,handsome Italian boy, make a million in

His mother on the other hand receives her letter and bottom portion of
the nude photo. Now wearing bifocals,and gazing intently while examining
the photo at various distances, she finally exclaims, "That's my Luigi,
handsome Italian boy. Long nose, baggy eyes, and no shave for a week!"

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