HIV Positive
Posted by Indu on July 28, 1997 at 05:29:14:

A man goes to his doctor for a checkup. "I don't know how to tell
you this," says the doctor, "But you're going to die. You have six
months to live before you die."

When the poor man gets home, he tells his wife he has AIDS and
has six months to live. He goes out for a beer, gets pissed drunk,
and tells all his mates he has AIDS and only six months left.

Two days later, he meets his doctor on the street. "I see you've
come to terms with your terminal condition," says the doctor,
"Everyone in town is talking about it. But tell me, why are you telling
everyone you have AIDS, when it's a brain tumor that's killing you?"

"Oh," says the man, "I've come to terms with dying, but I don't
want anyone fucking my wife after I'm gone...!"

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