Four nuns in heaven
Posted by Padikkama on July 17, 1997 at 05:52:44:

Four nuns happen to die at the same time and line up at the pearly
gates to enter heaven. St.
Peter says "Before you may pass through the gates sisters, I must ask
you each a question."

He looks at the first nun and says "Sister, have you ever touch a
man's penis?"

The nun holds up her index finger nervously and says "Only with this
one finger St. Peter."

St. Peter takes hold of her finger, dips it in holy water and says
"You may now pass through
the gates into heaven."

St. Peter looks at the second nun and asks "Have your ever touch a
man's penis my dear?"

Holding up her hand, she says,"Only with this one hand your holiness."

So St. Peter takes the sister's hand, dips it in holy water and lets
her walk through the gates.
He then turns and looks at nun #3 when suddenly nun #4 pushes her way
past #3 and
shoves her way up front.

St Peter asks "Sister, what do you think your doing?"

Nun #4 yells "If you think I'm gonna gargle that stuff after she dips
her ass in it, your nuts!"

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