Dying man
Posted by H.P.R.Gunawardena on December 21, 2013 at 06:26:46

A person on his death bed (in Mumbai at Hospital) with Wife, Kids and Nurse beside him.
Man to Eldest son : You take the 15 Bungalows at Borivali.
To daughter : You take the 8 bungalows at Juhu.
To youngest son : You are my youngest and most dearest and I want your future to be bright, so you keep the 20 offices at Nariman Point.
To wife : Dear Kavita, you keep all 11 of our Lokhandwala building flats.
Nurse - quite impressed - Wow ...
To wife : You are lucky to have such a husband who is so rich and giving you all the properties etc.
Wife: What properties, what rich, he's distributing out responsibilities of delivering Milk to his clients in the morning.

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