Wife Doesn't Want Sex, Or What?
Posted by H.P.R.Gunawardena on March 12, 2013 at 09:27:22

A Man went To His Doctor And Complained That His Wife didn't Want To Have Sex With Him For The Past Six Months.

The Doctor requested The Man To Bring His Wife In So He Can Talk To Her And, Hopefully Determine What The Problem Is.

The Following Day, The Wife came To The Doctor’s Office.

The Doctor Asked Her “What’s Wrong, Why Don't you Want To Have Sex With your Husband?”

The Wife Said “Oh, That’s Easily Explained. For The Past Six Months, I’ve Been Taking A Cab To Work Every Morning but I Don’t Have Any Money to pay his fair.”

The Cab Driver Asked Me, ‘Are You Going To Pay Today, Or What?’ So, I Took "Or What” option.

She Continueed: “Then, When I Got To Work, I was Late, So The Boss Asked Me: “Are We Going To Write This Down In The Book, Or What?”
So,again I Took ‘Or What’ option.

I Took A Cab To Go Home After Work And, As Usual, I Have No Money to pay.

The Cab Driver Asked Me Again, ‘So, Are You Going To Pay This Time, Or What?’
Again, I Took ‘Or What’ option again.

So You See, Doc, By The Time I Got Home I was All Tired Out And Don’t Want It Anymore.”

“Yes, I See,” Replies The Doctor.“So, Are We Going To Tell this to Your Husband, OR WHAT?”

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