How young girls should behave
Posted by Lasantha Pethiyagoda on August 15, 2011 at 22:55:13

Recently our neighbour Mrs. Kotandeniya sent her daughter Nishi to buy some groceries at the local boutique. As she was passing the private tuition class, she met some boys studying for their ALs, who asked her to climb up a short mango tree and get them some fruit, which she did.
Later that day, Nishi bought the groceries and got back home to her mother.
Mrs Kotandeniya: "Why did you take so long, duwa?"
Nishi: "I met some aiyas near the tuition class who asked me to climb up a tree and fetch them some fruit."
The annoyed Mrs. Kotandeniya: "Nishi, you should know by now, that when boys ask you to climb up a tree, all they want is to see your underwear. You shouldn’t have done it, you stupid girl!"
Nishi: "Amma, I know that. That's why I took care not to wear anything underneath before climbing up that tree."
Mrs Kotandeniya was very busy the next few days finding a Magul Kapuwa to get Nishi married off soon….

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