Mothers-in-laws and daughters-in-law
Posted by Rohan j. on 8/10/2011

A group of young women decided to arrange for a camp with their mothers-in-laws to hopefully get to know and understand each other better seeing relations between them were very sour.
Two buses were hired, one for the mothers-in-law and the other for the daughters-in-law.
Unfortunately the bus the mothers-in-law were traveling in was involved in an accident and all the passengers died on the spot.
The daughters in law (women being women) shed a few tears but they were all puzzled by one sister who wailed uncontrollably for what they perceived to be her loss.
Her friend asked her, "Forgive me for asking but why are u crying so hard,I didn't realize u were so close to your mother-in-law?" to which she replied,
"No we are not close at all, she missed the bus!"

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