Sri Lankan Hell
Posted by Roshan on July 16, 2011 at 05:24:34

A man died and found himself in hell. He was surprised to find hell divided into countries..for example there was a German hell, UK hell, Russian hell etc..
He went to the German hell and asked the German Devil what happens there..he said are put on an electric chair for one hour, then you have to sleep on a bed of nails for two hours and then I (the devil) whips you for the rest of the day.... he didn't like the sound of this so went looking around...
All other countries had the same treatment but he was very surprised to find a long queue to enter the Sri Lankan hell..he asked a person in the queue the reason for this...the person replied..although they put you in an electrich chair, and make you sleep on a bed of nails and the Sri Lankan devil whips you...The power cuts are so frequent that the electric chair never works...the nails were ordered but never arrived and the Sri Lanka devil used to be a government employee so he comes in signs and goes off to do private business!!!

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