Clergy attending Sambuddathwa
Posted by Alfred F Seneviratne on 5/25/2011

At a reception some Clergy questioned a Buddhist Monk;
Enormous collections you receive as donations, how much the Venerable receive, and what portion goes Buddha?
Ven. Monk simply answered: Full collection is utilized in up keeping the entire temple premises and some amount equally distributed among the most deserving poor who has no income at all.
Another Clergy questioned the Bishop:
How do you handle the rich collection you receive daily at prayer meetings?
Bishop said: Total Collection we bring to the tennis court on Sundays. There we recite the Rosary!
Then we throw all Coins and paper money against our tennis court's nest.
Whatever, pass through the net goes to God and we share the remainder among us for our daily pleasurable activities.
Then a Japanese Monk asked the Rabbi; how they handle their Cash collections.
On Sabbath Day we throw our entire Collections towards the sky. Whatever, the God catches belong to him.
The Rest is for us to use in any manner we please!

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