A Big Mistake
Posted by Sarat Gamini on December 16, 2010 at 06:52:07

A man came back home in the early hours of the morning and went straight to bed. He found his wife fast asleep with the sheet pulled over her head. Feeling a bit horny he crawled under the sheet sheet and gave her a good fuck.

After the fuck he came down stairs and found the wife making breakfast, he was shocked asked how did you get down here so fast we were just now making love, 'oh my god' gasped his wife "that's my mother in my bed, she came home with a splitting headache and i told her to sleep in my bed"

The wife immediately ran up to the bed room and said " mother i can't belive this happened. Why didn't you say something"

The mother angrily said "i haven't spoken to that bugger for fifteen years and i wasn't going to start at that moment"

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