God and Children
Posted by Alfred F Seneviratne on 11/08/2010

God decided to encourage people to have less children and introduced an award scheme.
During the procedure at one point He concentrated on learning about the situation in Sri Lanka:
He first met J.R.Jayawardena in Heaven, and asked him how many children he had during his time on earth.
J.R. replied only one!
Happy with the relatively good family planning adopted, God awarded J.R. with a Mercedes Benz!
R.Premadasa was next, and the God asked the same question.
He replied he had two children, and the God thought this is not the best, so He gave Premadasa a cheaper car, a Toyota.
S.W.R.D. Banadanayake was next in line. God was not pleased to hear that he had three children, and gave him a cheap Morris Eight as a kind of a punishment.
Sometime later, the three (J.R, Preme and Banda) going around in their new cars, saw D.S.Senanayake on foot!
Wondering what went wrong; they asked why God hadn't been merciful with him?
D.S. replied with anger, "God did not even ask me! - Some idiot had told him that I was the father of the nation!"

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