Posted by Ruwan Gamage on October 29, 2010 at 07:00:43

Robbers targeted a house which they knew all about very well. They know all the men in this house go for night duty this day including farther, son and uncle. They were looking for an easy target for looting and also a chance to fulfill their dirty desires.
So they raided this house, brought all the women including mum, two daughters, their aunt and grandma into the launch and tied them down to chairs.
Their little girl was very talkative and did not show any fear toward robbers, she was just wondering what is happening around. So, she asked the robbers,
'What are you doing?' 'We are going to take all your valuables away' gang leader said.
'That's fine, we can buy new ones' girl said. ' No, not only that, we are going to rape your sister' gang leader said.
She did not know what that means, but she could sense that is something naughty.
She asked 'Oh dear, are you going to rape my sister?' ' Yes, we are going to rape your sister now' gang leader said.
Then she asked 'well, are you going to rape my mum as well?' 'Yes, we rape your mum next' leader said.
'So, are you going to rape my aunt as well?' she asked. ' Yes, she is the third one we are going to rape' gang leader said.
'Oh dear, so are you going to rape my grandma as well?' she asked.
'why not, why not' grandma said.

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