Condoms at Pharmacy
Posted by Alfred F Seneviratne on 10/29/2010

Young boy approached the counter at the Pharmacy and requested some Condemns.
Pharmacist asked what size is required.
The young boy said; "Size does not matter. It's for my Mum who is leaving for her Summer Holidays."
A shy young lad reaching the counter at the Pharmacy and quietly asked for a Condom.
The Pharmacist yelled at the sales assistant over the opposite counter stating; "Miss can you hand over a Condemn to this Lad?"
Eight year boy approached the counter at the Pharmacy, handing over ten Dollar Bill for a packet of Cigarettes.
Pharmacist refused, as he is under age to obtain tobacco.
Then the clever boy still stretching the Dollar Bill and asked for change so he could use the Machine at the entrance to obtain the Cigarettes; as his father needs a smoke badly before using the toilet."

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