The abstemious nun
Posted by Sierra Bravo on 10/28/2010

A ship full of sailors had just landed, and the boys didn't waste time to go to all the bars around the port. In front of the most prominent bar was a Nun, fully clad in her habit, and stopping the boys from going in.
"Do not drink, brothers", said the nun to the sailors, "it kills you and your family".
"Hey lady, we have had many months at sea, and want to enjoy ourselves. There's nothing as good as a few drinks.", said a sailor.
"No, it can't be good", said the nun.
"Have you ever tried a drink? Try it, and then judge it", said the sailor.
"Well, if you insist, I'll try it out. But I've got to be discreet. Can you get me one of those in a small steel glass so that others don't figure out?", said the nun.
"OK, wait here. I'll be right back", said the sailor.
In the bar, the sailor asks the barman, "Can I please have a small brandy in a steel glass?"
Says the barman, "Oh hell, IS THAT NUN BACK AGAIN?"

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