'I wanted 6 martinis'
Posted by Niroshan on September 28, 2010 at 00:54:26

Four guys and the bartendar are in a bar. In walks a pretty lady. She goes up to the bartender and says, "Gimme 6 martinis!" The bartender pours her a martini and sets it infront of her.
She says, "I wanted 6 martinis!!"
He says, "Drink that one then I'll give you another."
The lady says, "You misunderstand..i want 6 martinis NOW!!"
The bartender pours the rest of the martinis. The girl downs all 6, one right after the other. She stands up and passes, falling flat on her back.
Her dress having fallen up, leaves her panties exposed. All the guys look at the lady laying there. The bartender says, "Let's all fuck her. She'll never know."
So they all do. The lady finally comes to, sits up, straightens her dress, and leaves. One week later, the bartender looks up and sees the lady coming in again. He says to her, "I bet you want six martinis!!"
The lady replies, "No..Martinis make my pussy hurt and swell!"

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