Remedy (Adult Joke)
Posted by Niroshan on September 23, 2010 at 08:30:03

Two gay lovers were sitting talking to each other one day. One asked the other what really turned him on. The other replied "I really, really like a man with a hairy chest." 1st one was
befuddled, he didn't have a hair one on his chest.
The next day 1st one went to the doctor's office. The doctor entered and asked him what was wrong. He replied "My gay lover really loves men with hairy chest, I don't have a hair one.
Do you have any thing that will make hair grow
on my chest?"
The doctor looks at him and hoping to get him out of the office replies. "Vaseline if rubbed on your chest will cause moderate hair growth, try that." He goes home ecstatic.
When he gets home he takes off his shirt and lays out on the couch and rubs Vaseline all over his chest. Gay lover enters, "What the hell are you doing?"
He replies happily, "The doctor told me that if I rub Vaseline on my chest hair will grow faster, I just want to make you happy honey!"
"You know that's a bunch of shit!" the other replies.
"If that was the case you would have a pony tail hanging out your ass by now!"

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