Desperate Man
Posted by Ruwan Gamage on July 07, 2010 at 20:40:30

(Sorry about my English, if there are any mistakes)
A merchant was traveling on a camel in the desert, he has already passed few days like that, has not seen or met anyone for last few days.
He got enough food and water for the journey but suddenly he got the desire of having.. you know what..
But he can not find anything to fulfill his requirement, got down from the camel looking around any objects. Suddenly he realised the camel is a female. He was delighted. But the particular area on the camel was over his head. So he quickly made a small mountain of sand behind the camel and got on top of that. Now his height was perfect for the job. But as soon as he tried, it was too ticklish for the camel and camel went forward.
He got down and dug the sand to make another mountain behind the camel, got on top of that, started, but the camel went forward again. He was so desperate, he made another mountain of sand behind camel's new position, but the result was same. But he did not give up, this was going on for a quite long time now, making a series of about 20 sand mountains behind them.
Suddenly, when he was digging sand for the next mountain, he came across a human hand just under the surface of the desert. He quickly dug around, little by little a beautiful naked women appeared. He checked for breathing, she was still alive but unconscious. It came to his mind that he has water, he quickly grabbed some water and splash on her face, little by little she started to wake up, he gave some water to drink, soon she was fully awake.
She started to talk. ' I am living in the village which you will come across next, I was walking along the desert to look for some special plants to make a medicine for my mum. But at once, a very strong sand storm started, all my cloths torn off, finally I collapsed and soon I was under flying sand. If you didn't come, I would be definitely dead. You spare my life. I can give you anything, there is nothing I can not do for you. Please ask me anything, I will do it. This whole body is yours now'
The man was thinking for a moment and said, 'Then, please hold this camel for a moment' and finished his work successfully this time.

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