Udurawana at UN Head Office
Posted by shantha senadheera on April 22, 2010 at 18:50:12

Our Mr.Udurawana received an invitation from United Nation,s Head office to address a forum and having seen the invitation he was thrilled and told his secretary to prepare a good speech.
Sec. knows that Mr.Udu can not speak in English and told that the audience is from various countries and Mr.Udu should speak only in English.
A man of all seasons, Mr.Udu snapped at the sec and told " You prepare the speech in English and write all English words in Singhala so that I can read without any problem. "I say Sec. These people do not come to see my written speech no ?"
so did the sec. and Mr.Udu. now in UN awaiting his turn.
Man at the podium now goes on saying" Now I call upon The Hon. Minister of Women Affairs from Sri Lanka to address the audience" and here goes our Mr. Udu and aptly address the audience and he nearly finished his first page and while turning to the next page says " Pattoon" and goes on till end of all pages.
Proudly Mr.Udu stepped downed from the podium and asked his sec "How was my Speech?" Everything was okay but why you yelled Pattoon ? It is P.T.O and not to pronounce like that"

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