More stories about HB Udurawana
Posted by Lasantha Pethiyagoda on April 20, 2010 at 19:58:42

You know that old HB Udurawana of Kandy had never before left his beloved town, and was very excited upon hearing of an invitation to USA by an American fellow who had befriended him near the Kandy lake.
So, he packed his bags, and off he went to the airport and boarded his flight. Many hours later, on a domestic flight from LA International to Dallas, Texas, home of his friend George Winston B, the drinks trolley was being carted, and HB, unfamiliar with foreign liquor, paid a lot of attention to those Americans who were ordering before him. He heard these requests:
"Johnny Walker, single"
"Jack Daniels, single"
Ha!! he thought to himself: "They are saying names only, and getting drinks...that is easy!"
Soon, the smiling air hostess asks: "And you, Sir?"
With a wide grin, HB replies: "Heenbanda Udurawana, married"
After much embarrassment, it was almost time to disembark, and HB could see the approaching runway as the aircraft wheels skidded to a steady roll, after landing.
Old HB, from years of habit disembarking from the Wattegama bus at the Kandy clock tower stand, took his bag and opened the door, much to the shock of the flight staff. The hostess shouted, "Hey, wait!!" to which Udurawana casually replied " Ninety kilos" and stepped off the plane, onto the tarmac below. Fortunately he survived the fall.

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