Uduravana in Kandy
Posted by Lasantha Pethiyagoda on April 14, 2010 at 20:43:01

The late Heen Banda Uduravana of Kandy was one day sheltering under his large umbrella during a heavy downpour of monsoonal rain. A shapely and stunningly beautiful lady was getting wet nearby. So he invited her thus: "Why are you outstanding....come and understand my umbrella!"
Another day, old HB was again just settling down in a bus with a foreigner after a visit to the antique shops, when the bus suddenly took a bend and the foeign chap, grasping the pole overhead, said: Oh, I just lost my balance!" to which Uduravana retorted with visible concern: " In that case machang we will go back to the shop and ask for it!"
Later, he pointed to the swollen Kandy lake, where the rains had made the turtles come out to the bund of the lake, and exclaimed to the white fellow: " See all the padlocks have come out with the rain...." Hence we have renamed the venerable old aristocrat of Kandy as "Padlock"

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