Viagra the Local Anesthesia
Posted by shantha senadheera on March 09, 2010 at 18:59:45

A man of about 45 years rushed to a local dental clinic holding his mouth by hand and wriggling in pain asked the nurse to show the doctor.
So did the nurse and the man is telling the doctor " Doctor I have severe toothache and I want you to extract that damn thing out as I can not bear the pain"
Doctor examined the tooth and said the man " I can pull that out but..we have run short of local anesthesia without which this will not be possible"
The man was furious and yelled at the doctor " look there is no docs nearby and you now say that you do not have the anesthesia. Pull this damn tooth out man"
Doctor pulled out a 1,000 note and told the man "Okay I will pull this out go and get a Viagra pill from the pharmacy"
Man was taken aback and asked doctor "what the hell are you going to do with Viagra ?
Replied the Doctor. "We do not have Local Anesthesia, you can not bear the pain until you go to the next clinic so the best thing you swallow the pill and I will pull your tooth and you have something to hold firmly until I do the job"

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