Assortment of jokes
Posted by HPR Gunawardena on February 22, 2010 at 20:15:51

Rocket to Moon
On the first night of honeymoon the wife crazy husband says, "My sweet darling, I am going to take you to moon
The impatient wife says, "Sure, but first at least let's see the rocket to get there."
Period of Patience
Dad went to school for getting the report card for his son in the middle of the class and had to wait long. So he got impatient and asked the lady teacher, "Madame, When will you give it to me then?"
The smiling teacher says, "After my period is over for sure sir."
Test By Puncture
A Santa meets Banta in a hospital and expresses surprise, "What are you here for?"
Banta says, "I am here for blood test and these idiots are going to puncture my finger."
Santa started crying, "Oh my God, I am here for urine test and I am too young yet, what will happen to me?"
Gossiping Gurkhas
A Gurkha guard boasts to other, "You know when I was small, that Victoria Tower fell down upon me."
So the second Gurkha guard inquired, "Hey why? Did it kill you then?"
The puzzled first one says, "I don't remember, I was too young then,"

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