His Master's Voice!
Posted by Alfred F Seneviratne on 1/11/2010

These days even dogs know how Masters use, 'backseat.'
When he sings in the 'pro-cess' he takes my credit.
But scream like a horse. It's no Opera!
Accompanying as "Yodeler! time to time, I keep barking.
Master, proud of "His Master's Voice!" which is my Original label.

Yes, now it's gone to Dog's!
When entertaining company at Resturants',
He projects himself, who even loves Animals.
But this greedy man in the presence of his Co.,
Requests Restaurant to arrange a "Doggy Bag",
Of remaining Food. This he keeps in Fridge.
For weeks he eats this bit by bit.
At the end throws remaining bones at me.
What a Dog's life this cheap 'Paraya Dog lives!'

Yet laughs at me referring, "What a Dog's life?"
What Confuses me is; "Who is the Dog?"

DOG'S Narration!

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