Columbus the Sailor
Posted by Alfred F Seneviratne on 12/29/2009

This is history: CC was known as Columbus due to his habitual late coming; giving the excuse, "Bus being late at all times, when travel from his village to Colombo. There after all address him: 'Colombus." In the village he was romantically tangled as a sexy young man. Any moving skirt, even with no mercy, it was his 'intimacy!' enjoying his young life taking no 'hood' for covering when he uncover other's garments.

Complains exceeded the number reaching his parents than the of his Sexy Unions. His parents planned to get a job on a cargo ship sailing to France. This first Voyage thrilled him; deciding to be a Captain of a ship; finally graduating so. Through salty winds to a sailing Master of sea.
CC able to contact then King who supported his Mission of discovering New Lands; sponsored a Ship and sufficient crew for his maiden voyage. Aiming East and first land he spotted; believing India and informed King about his discovering India.
People already living there for ages, laughed at CC. Natives told India is far far away towards East. Covering up his mistake; called these people 'Red Indians' as their complexion being fair. Notable Blunder by CC. Missionary accompanied him started preaching Gospel by offering some things they never seen before.

However, CC developed a liking, these fair ladies who were not "loose tongue" like his Lankan Partner whom he abounded. He kept on sailing. Reaching old age, decided to sell the boat and wrote on its Sail; "Sailing Boat for Sale with Sail; guaranteeing Sail when Sailing on any Gail!"

My great, great grand father narrated this story, who was fired due to 'Sea Sickness' at latter stage, by Captain Columbus.

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