Beautiful Baby
Posted by Alfred F Seneviratne on 12/21/2009

Before attending next door's christening of new born, little Johnnie's dad warned him never to repeat about Baby having no ears. If he ever did, he would get the Smacking of his life never to forget.
Fr. Sara Fonseka christened Baby placing a little rosary attached with a tiny silver cross; suggested, he should be worn a Cap at all times when going out. This habit will make him wear a cap even when he grows up like an Army Captain.
Little Jonnie was thrilled to see Baby in crib and said: "What a beautiful baby, with little beautiful feet, with tiny beautiful hands; cute little nose and beautiful eyes! Can he see alright?
"Yes" mother replied. "Dr. said, he will have 20/20 Vision.
"That's great; Coz he be Fxxxxd if he needed glasses!"

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