Comfort in Farm House
Posted by Alfred F Seneviratne on 12/20/2009

Out of town, a person drove towards country side. As there was none to get proper directions, he got lost and
noticed a light and drove there. Lantern held farmer questioned the visitor; who seeked information to nearby Hotel.
Sympathetic Farmer willing to accommodate visitor; but due to two young girls at Farm house directed him to next Farm. Appearing at second Farm house he narrated the reason he dropped in; seeking accommodation for the night as it's getting late. Second Farmer referring to three daughters residing there; suggested opposite Farm House and may find comfort.
Finally arriving at third Farm; story remained same due to six daughters in his Farm house. As it was heavy down pour and no way visitor can proceed; he suggested the adjoining Barn if it suits.
Next morning enjoyed good 'breakfast'; thanked six Girls, Mother and kind Farmer. To pay gratitude; he stopped at first Farm to thank; who questioned; how he slept the night. He replied; "A great experience, and slept like a Rabbit".
After he left, wife questioned Farmer on his reference to; "Slept like a Rabbit." Farmer's reply was: "From hole to hole."

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