Three men in a whorehouse
Posted by Iqbal on 11/25/2009

Three men go into a whorehouse. The first one goes up to a hooker and says, "What can I get for $100?" The hooker motions for him to follow her into a room.
For the next half-hour the other two men hear a fair amount of "Ooohing" and "Ahhing"...When he comes out, the men ask what she did to him. He tells them that she put chocolate ice cream on his dick and sucked it off.
The second man pays $1000 and goes in the room with the hooker...He comes out half an hour later and tells the other two men that she put chocolate ice cream, caramel, and whooped cream on it and sucked it off.
So the third man goes in with $10 000. The men hear sounds from the room. Moaning and groaning and then they hear a loud yell coming from the man. He comes out holding onto his crotch and says in agony, "She put on ice cream and syrup and whooped cream and a cherry on top. It looked so good I decided to have a bite myself!"

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