Palm Reader and the Pensioner
Posted by Upali Ranatunga on 11/03/2009

A Former government servant has come to town to take his monthly pension. The Amount he got is not enough for half of his family requirements even. He thinks "how these problems solved in every month?" He is unable to think of any solutions.
He went to a Palm Reader under a big tree, and exposed his palm expecting some advice.
Palm Reader inspected deeply. "At present your fortune is in very bad condition. No money can be saved. Also you are to face for a Big Accident."
Poor Pensioner got some more confused.
"What a. accident,.. When,.. Serious?"
"Yes Very soon. Even now it may happen"
"What. will .happen.. to"
"You may be saved. But your closest partner may die."
Poor pensioner is now crying. He thinks.. May.. It.. be my.. wife.. or my son. I. ,should,,, go,, home,,, soon.
Suddenly one big branch of the tree was dropped down. Palm Reader died at once. Pensioner got escaped with little injuries.

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