Posted by Upali Ranatunga on 11/01/2009

A Doctor and a Proctor are in a restaurant, drinking together. Doctor is always being disturbed by so many friends.
1st man - Hallow doctor, I want to take an advise from you. There is little pain in my right arm. Can you see?
Doctor looked it. And says "Not a big problem. Apply sum balm"
2nd man - Good evening doctor, my right side of the chest is paining some time. What can I do?
Again the Doctor is inspecting him "It should be a Mussels pain. Take an Aspirin" Like that so many friends are disturbing him. After some time,
DOCTOR: What a funny thing See how these people are disturbing me. Every one needs medical advises in my drinking time too. What can I do for this problem?
PROCTOR: I will give you a solution. At first do not give any advises free. At second if some one comes like that you may say "I cannot say any thing without doing medical tests. Tomorrow you may come to my laboratory. I will make every test and give you medicines" Then your problem is settled and you will get some income too.
DOCTOR: Fantastic. Very good advice. We may have another drink in my account.
PROCTOR: OK. Before that you must pay my fee Rs. 1000 for my two advises.

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