Useless Mathematics
Posted by Upali Ranatunga on 8/16/2009

A Mathematics teacher who is every day walking to the school, watching a man being drunk in very time. He wanted to give an advice to the drunker.
One day Teacher called him. "Why my friend, you are always drinking not only it is attacking your health, But also your money. Since how long you were drinking"
"25 years, now my age is 50"
"How is the daily consumed?"
"One bottle a day"
"You see my mathematics; one bottle may be averagely Rs.150. So multiply 25x365x150 How much , Rs.1, 368,750.00. Oh. Huge money.. If you did not waste now you could have owned a very nice car. Isn't it.?"
"Ok Sir, I may ask two questions from you. What is your age now?"
"52 years"
"Utter Useless mathematics, why are you still walking?"

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