Some Stupid Jokes to make U Laugh
Posted by Sarat Gamini on August 13, 2009 at 18:01:24

** An Ant saw strawberry juice & shouted: "Aaaah at last I visited the red sea!!!!"

**Two cockroaches were admitted in ICU,
The first Cockroach asked: "Raid???"
The second Cockroach replied: "No, Shoe!!!"

**An NRI sent a blank sms to his wife, why?
He didn't want to talk to her!!!

**A man hit his brand new car in to the wall, why?
He wanted to test whether the airbags are working!!!

**Policeman caught a drunk man & asked: "Why your eyes are red?", The drunk man replied: "Actually i drunk tomato sauce while i was sleeping!!!"

**Two mad people were fighting on motorcycle, why?
They were arguing about 'who will sit near the window'!!!

**A drunk man opened his fridge & saw the jelly shaking.
So he said: "don't worry dear, i will not eat u now!!!"

** A drunk man gave his mobile to his friend & said: "please send a sms to my girlfriend, because my hand-writing is very bad!!!

** One American came first time to India, & asked what does "minimum" means in Hindi??? A man replied: "kam se kam". So the next day during a conversation with an Indian, the American man wanted to say "We have the maximum cold", so he said "we have go se go cold in America" (opposite of come se come)

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