Home Coming Dinner Invitation
Posted by Oly on August 03, 2009 at 20:10:40

I was invited to one of my friend's sister's Home Coming Dinner. I went along with them around 6pm and we were standing there, shaking hands (as I am a foriegn friend of them), chatting, laughing for more than two hours.
When it was almost 9pm, we could not starve any longer. My frined and I went to the kitchen of this particular hotel. Before we put anything into our mouth a lady (The Bridegroom's Aunt) came with 3-4 glasses of water in a tray. I was dead thirsty but was waiting patiently. As soon as she brough the tray towards me, I took a glass of water and touched it on my mouht to drink.
My friend yelled "heheheh ... Its not to drink, thats the invitation for the dinner") Everybody around me started laughing until they get stomach cramps.
What can I do? I almost drank it, since I wasn't aware of this custom.
However everybody had a good time craking jokes and mine was the most famous among all in the party which brought much happiness for the new wedded and the invities.

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