Happy soldier
Posted by Peto on July 15, 2009 at 20:26:30

In an army camp a Major was having a seminar to a group of soldiers. By the afternoon everyone seemed to be tired and sleepy. To bring their spirits up the Major decided to change the subject and ask them a question about their sex life.
How often do you have sex?
The first soldier: once a week sir.
The second soldier: twice a week sir.
While the questioning was going on there was a soldier on the last row with a big smile on his face and sort of waiting for the question to be asked. So the Major decided to go to him and asked, how about you happy man, do you have sex every day?
Soldier: No sir no sir.
Major: Then once a week?
Soldier: No sir no sir.
Major: What , once a month?
Soldier: No sir no sir.
Major: Once in six months?
Soldier: Almost sir.
Major: You mean once a year?
Soldier: Yes sir yes sir with a big happy smile.
The major gets angry and says: Why the hell are you so happy if you have sex only on a year you stupid idiot?
Soldier: With a bigger smile, TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT SIR

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